About Us


Canyon Angels engages successful community leaders who seek to be a part of the dynamic global entrepreneurship environment.

Canyon Angels is a Phoenix-based, 501(c)6, member-led organization that serves as a facilitator to filter early stage high growth investment opportunities for our member investors.


Why you should join Canyon Angels:

The great part about Canyon Angels is that we are a team that is committed to our members, students, and the community. We share knowledge and research to reduce our risk, which helps our new members feel confident in their new opportunities. This is a group of like-minded individuals that love competition, want to give back, and have access to new ideas and innovative technologies.


Annual Membership for Canyon Angels:

$500 dollars per year covers: access to each event (4-5 per year from August-May), 2 educational seminars, access to our deal management system, video content, and 11 am angel meetups on Wednesdays at our college of business.

Application to become an angel member: Click Here

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