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Want to join us in finding and funding great business opportunities?


We are seeking scalable growth opportunities that are at an early stage, typically past proof of concept in or near revenue.

We are willing to look at opportunities in any sector but have some institutional interests in Edtec, Fintec, Saas Solutions and Biotech.

We have had 24 companies pitch over 2 years with more than 6 investments made. Some of the companies are still in the active raise phase and can be reached through our team leads.


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Are you new to angel investing?

We would like to invite our new members who are interested in learning more about Angel Investing to an orientation seminar and networking opportunity. We will have an open discussion with some of our lead Angels. Email and let him know you’re interested in learning more.


What is angel investing?

Angel investing is early stage investing in private companies. It generally is the capital financing after friends and family and before venture capital. Because of the early stage of investing, angel investing is very risky and illiquid.


Who are angel investors?

Angel investors are wealthy individuals who invest in high risk, early stage ventures by reserving a portion of their total investment portfolio to provide emerging companies with seed and startup capital through direct, private investments. Their goal is to achieve higher returns than the typical public markets provide. Most angels are active investors – who contribute their time and experience, as well as offer introductions to valuable contacts essential to the company’s success – because they enjoy the thrill of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.  An accredited investor has a net worth of more than 1 million dollars excluding their primary residence and or income over $250k for more than two years.


In what dollar increments are angel investments made?

Angel investing is an extremely risky asset class and should not be made if the investor is unable to absorb a complete loss of his/her investment. Each individual makes his/her own investment decision on where and how much to invest. In general, angel investments are made in increments of $25,000.


How do I reduce the risk of angel investing?

Angel investing by nature is a risky proposition. Like other investment classes, it has been shown that risk can be reduced by diversifying across a broad portfolio of angel investments.


What is the Annual Membership Fee for Canyon Angels?

$500 dollars per year covers access to each event, up to 4-5 per year typically in the evenings during the academic year. Includes food and access to our deal management system called Proseeder.


Welcome to Canyon Angels. Please feel free to reach out anytime with any questions: Tim Kelley, Founding Member and Chairman, at 602-639-7721 or