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Canyon Angels is a sophisticated angel investment group founded in 2015 by entrepreneur and investor Timothy Kelley. Through strategic partnerships and top tier deal flow, Canyon Angels has grown to over 60 investors since its founding. Seated in the heart of Arizona economic activity, Canyon Angels has been able to help fund approximately 19 different ventures totaling over $2.5 million in investments from our members. The primary goal of Canyon Angels is to fund highly scalable startups that allow accredited investors to diversity their portfolios. The group serves as a filtering mechanism to find desirable investment opportunities locally in Arizona and globally. We invest in companies through dedicated LLCs when our investors pool money together thereby reducing the traffic on companies' equity tables.

What makes Canyon Angels unique?

Canyon Angels is positioned in a unique place in Phoenix right off of Camelback Rd, on the campus of Grand Canyon University. This placement presents a unique opportunity because Canyon Angel's relationship with GCU means that undergraduate students have the ability to be educated in deal analysis and venture financing. We do this through a 1 credit class, in partnership with GCU, to allow students to perform due diligence analysis on vetted companies guided by our investors. Our students then are allowed to present their findings to our investor group at our monthly meetings. This opportunity gives students an unparalleled hands on learning experience in the investment world unlike anything else in the nation.

How is my investment de-risked?

Thanks to our partnership with Grand Canyon University, we've been able to partner up with the universities new Canyon Ventures initiative. Canyon Ventures is a unique business incubator and accelerator that seeks to expedite the growth and scale of startup ventures in the Phoenix community through a rent-free co-working style ecosystem. This gives students the ability to seek employment with industry specific companies while working toward their degrees, and also gives companies access to ready employees. Companies in Canyon Ventures receive training oriented around sales, marketing, legal, and business development among others. Because our exclusive partnership, companies in the center can apply to Canyon Angels for funding, thereby allowing our members to invest in supported and de-risked ventures.

We've got the sidecar!

What is a Sidecar Fund? A Sidecar fund is structured as an Arizona Limited Liability single purpose entity that receives investor funds and places those funds into investments as an automated match to individual investments made by Canyon Angel members. Benefits to Investors. This is a passive investment opportunity for Canyon Angel members to build a diversified portfolio of startup companies from around the country.

How many meetings are hosted?

Canyon Angels hosts six to 9 investor meetings where CEO’s pitch their companies from September through April with digital deal flow through the “off-season.” Once a year, Canyon Angels hosts our Canyon Ventures Showcase - an opportunity for Arizona investors and business professionals to see what is happening in the west valley business ecosystem.

I'm still not sure.

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