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Started in 2015, Canyon Angels was founded by entrepreneur and investor Timothy Kelley and has since grown to a network of over 55 accredited investors. Canyon Angels is unique in that we allow undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in the due diligence process guided by our investor mentors.

Although deals vary tremendously, Canyon Angels usually invests in preferably seed-stage companies that can provide at least a 5x return on investment within a 3 - 7 year timeframe. The preference for location lies within the West Valley and Arizona due to most of the angels residing locally and a desire for easy access to founders. However, this does not discount the fact that our investors have and will invest in companies that provide a compelling opportunity that makes sense no matter the distance.

The Benefits of Canyon Angels

High Profile Deal Flow
Access to the GCU Innovation Center
The ability to mentor and engage undergraduate students at GCU
Highest possible ROI potential

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